Key features

of the emtay suite

Website builder

Your single starting point for web presence. Build your website in blocks of components . Group blocks together with a background. There are a plethora of component types; For text, images, maps, cards, rosters and many more

Booking engine

A fully flexible booking engine. Is it a reservation or a full flown booking with downpayment? Do you work with timeslots or in calendar days? Is your availability based on staff or on spots available. The booking engine of the emtay platform is capable of serving your business service

Spreadsheets as database

Rich media spreadsheets as your database. Easy to grasp.

Newsletter tool

A straightforward newsletter tool, connected with your database. Super easy to send personalised emails to your customers.


A bit of magic that operates on all your data and automate your customer communication and handling. Schedule review invites, copy new customers to your mailinglist. Send birthday notifications. The possibilities are endless.